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Account Policy

Guidelines for creating and using an account on our platform

Enforced: 30 December 2022

  1. Account Creation
  2. Suspension and Termination
  3. Account Security

Account Creation

In order to gain full access to FiveMods.net to benefit from the full user experience, You may be required to create a user account ("Account").

You may keep your Account username and profile picture on an appropiate level. FiveMods.net reserves the right to deem what's appropiate or not. Some of the fields on this page are optional and can be deleted at any time, and by filling them out, you're giving us consent to share this data wherever your user profile appears.

Account Suspension and Termination

FiveMods.net may terminate or suspend your access to the website and service at internals discretion for any reason, including FiveMods.net believes You violated our Terms of Use or any applicable law.

You may terminate your user account at any time for any or no reason in the user settings ("Account Settings"). FiveMods.net does not recover any user accounts or recover actions.

Account Security

You are responsible for your own account at all times, including all activity occurring under your account. You may not use someone else's user account nor let someone else use your account. You agree that the site FiveMods.net is not liable for anything happening on your account. For any suspect actions happening on your user account, it is your responsibility to change your password. FiveMods.net recommends using two-factor-authentication to ensure account security.