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Upload Policy

Guidelines for uploading content to our platform

Enforced: 30 December 2022

  1. Getting Started
  2. Upload Guidelines
  3. Upload Verification
  4. Upload Monetization
  5. Upload Removal

Getting Started

By using and uploading to FiveMods.net ("Service", "Site", "Us", "We", "Website") you agree that You have read, acknowledge, follow and accept Our Upload Policy part of our Terms of Use.

Anyone can publish their product, their products on fivemods.net. To upload your product to us, first login to our site. Then navigate to the upload page. And follow the instructions.

Upload Guidelines

  • You are forbidden to pass off other mods and products that do not belong to you as yours.
  • You are forbidden to upload malicious software and other harmful things such as malware and so on. If we notice that you are uploading malicious software, we will take legal action according to your country.
  • Please pay attention to your expression in title as well as description of your product. Inappropriate pictures, expressions and insults will lead to exclusion and possible legal action against you.
  • Pornographic, racist, homophobic and other discriminatory language, images, titles, mod content will result in exclusion and possible legal action against you.
  • Fivemods.net team reserves the right to block or reject your mod if it does not meet our guidelines.
  • Please upload appropriate products. Pay attention to the user as well as our platform.

Upload Verification

In order to keep FiveMods.net a safe and peaceful place for user and developer we place a high value on the verification of your product.
The FiveMods.net team retains the right to inspect your uploaded modification to pull security vulnerabilities such as malware directly out of circulation.
Our secret verification process can last up to 3 days. Your uploaded mods will appear in your profile. You can always check the status of your uploaded modification.
Our team reserves the right to reject your product according to its own and internal regulations.
You will see a small description about the status of your product, why your product has not been uploaded. Now you can either adjust your product and review it again or you can delete your product.

Upload Monetization

If your product meets our guidelines, it can be monetized. Here one download of your product brings 0,001 Euro. Accordingly, for 1000 downloads you get one euro. If you are in our partner program, you will receive a higher amount per donwload. You can also sell your products. Here we will decide individually if we will activate your product for direct sale. If you are not in our partner program, your maximum sales limit is 5 Euro per product. For our partners this limit is increased to 50 Euro. For direct sales, we retain a small portion to cover server costs and other costs incurred.

Upload Removal

If you want to remove your appearance on FiveMods.net, you can delete your products from FiveMods.net at any time. If your product violates our policies, our team may delete your product. This can not be restored afterwards! The only way to restore a deleted product is to upload it again. As soon as your product is deleted, you will not receive any more money for it.